Professional Belly Dance Artist in Colorado Springs, CO

Specializing in Oriental and Belly Dance-Western Fusion styles of dance.

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Status Update

Free Music Download

It’s time to touch base with you on a project update.  I’ve made a carefully considered decision to change my dance name from Neisa Salima to Courtney Anne. My given name feels to me like a more genuine expression of what I want to convey with my dance, and I’m very excited to announce the change to everyone who has supported and encouraged me!

Some technical factors, combined with the name change, have stretched out the editing process for my video, Powerfully Present: Mind, Body, and Breath Integration for Belly Dance. We’re back in the studio for a couple small reshoots in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll update you as we go after that!

I’d like to share this free mp3 download of "Chiftetelli Vison" from the "Powerfully Present" soundtrack with you to tide you over while we finish our completed video. It seems to be many people's favorite pieces from the soundtrack, and I hope you enjoy it!  Please see below for the link to the file and download instructions.

I want to officially thank everyone who has supported this vast undertaking! It means so much to have such a dedicated community of dancers standing behind my vision!


Courtney Anne


Chiftetelli Vision
Link to MP3 File of Music

To save the file to your computer, right click and select "Save Link As..." or the equivalent from the pop up menu.

Feel free to use this music in your practice, performances, or classes as you wish; I simply ask that you credit me (Courtney Anne) as the composer if possible.  You may also post videos of your performances to it; please, once again, simply credit me as the composer and link back to my website if you can.  If you wish to use it for some other purpose (such background music for a promo, commmercial, or some other type of video), please contact me.  Please do not repost elsewhere or resell. Thank you, and enjoy!